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Superior Field Workforce Management Solution

Manage your field staff working anywhere from anywhere.

  • Attendance

  • Work Report

  • Real-time location tracking

  • Dynamic Workflow

  • Custom Forms

Delivery Bag

Assured Delivery

Say No to "No Delivery" in your Field Operations. Eliminate confusion in delivery process.

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CrediField's AI algorithm ensures that the location data is effectively captured and displayed to you. 



We have a smart attendance module which allows you to track the attendance of your staff as per your company policies.


Smart Allocation

CrediField has smart allocation features that allocate the tasks to the most suitable individual.

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Offline Mode

CrediField works even when the field staff is offline. When online, the data is synchronized with the server.


Thus it works in remote areas and cities alike. 

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Flexible Forms

CrediField supports flexible forms that can be customized for your very use cases. 

CrediField forms are dynamic and rich with all kinds of fields.



CrediField has a workflow framework so it can meet your specific requirements.

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CrediField offers rich analytics and dashboard so that your organization's key metrics are at your fingertips. 

Make better decisions every hour every day.

Advantage CrediField

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