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Ready to Use Components

We leverage our intellectual property in the services components we build for you. This speeds up the development activities and increases your chances of success. We retain the IP of these components so that we can continue to leverage these components in future and help our clients to build the applications fast.

Data Anonymizer

Hobbiate Data Anonymizer anonymizes any text and returns a real looking text..

Data Labler

Hobbiate Data Labeler Lets you quickly label your text categories while working in a team along with your Data Engineering Teams who may be working on Models and Rules.


Data Lens Components are set of components that are being refactored out from FinLens to make it industry-agnostic and Generic Platform.

It allows you to control the Data lifecycle from reception to instant analytics to journey towards Data Lake and finally Global Analytics. 


Validate if it is an Indian Name

Gender API

Tells you if a given name is a Male or Female 

Address API

Finds addresses from a text.

DataPoints API

Capability to create datapoints from any data.

TimeSeries Analytics

Timespan based analytics of timeseries based data points.

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