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For lenders

Use FinLens to analyse your applicants Financial Data including Bank Statements. 


Use CrediField to manage your field staff and drive efficiencies. Adopt Smart Attendance.

Use Bizzlens to trace the online footprint of organisations and make better credit decisions.

Use SecureLend to radically improve TAT for field investigation while significantly reducing frauds.


For Agencies

Use CrediField to achieve 4x productivity in managing your staff. Automate task allocation and reduce TAT.

No more confusion because of miscommunication or speculations.

Pay fuel bills only for actual travel.


Oil and Gas

ConnectedDriver solution uses CrediField to optimize fuel usage and delivery along with allocation and route planning.

This solution directly impacts your bottom line and you can improve your books by 1-2% by adopting this simple solution that also integrates with SAP.

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