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Lending Made Easy

A one-stop-shop to manage your lending process outsourcing.  AI/ML at work to achieve risk-free, efficient lending operations.  We leverage alternative data for your needs! Lets us help you lend safely!


Data Analytics for Lending

A platform that aggregates data from a variety of data sources to uncover insights.



A Platform Built from Scratch Using AI and ML to analyse your loan applicant's bank statements.

Leave all your worries about your policies and insights to us- or rather our "intelligent software" that understands your needs better than humans.

Comes with a GMail plugin.




Manage your staff and agencies in the most efficient manner.


Automate attendance of employees working anywhere.

Automate task allocation and find where your staff is.

Review your performance against your SLAs. 



Find credit worthiness of companies based on their online and social footprint. 


Validate financial signals with social signals to identify possible fraud.  



Keep track of your competitors, customers and other industry players in one place.


Know how industry is responding to your products vs other products. 


Build credible business cases, competitive cheatshets and marketing collateral.